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The Kind of Girls I Really Like

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What other people think of me shouldn’t hold much weight in my personal life, but it does. I worry way too much about status, and about looking like my life is awesome. I want my family to approve of my girlfriends and I want a pretty girl on my arm who other guys check out, and other women decide they want to steal me away from.

The kicker is that I’m not all that into those types of girls. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having sex with them and everything, but I actually prefer a different look. I like a little extra weight and curves, maybe a visible tattoo or two. I also like women are bold and speak their mind. I enjoy a bit of sass.

I find a lot of my type through sites like sex cam discounts for up to 100% off. I really enjoy interacting with the models and feeling free to enjoy them and be more myself. Maybe someday I will work up the guts to live my truth offline too.

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