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She’s a Spunky Blonde

Filed under : Webcams

Well the doctor could hardly have gifted her with more symmetrical tits if he tried. One thing I do want to ask a plastic surgeon some day is why do some of them put the tits so far apart that the girl’s cleavage is so wide you could drive a train through there without touching sides.

I have nothing against fake titties, in fact I love them but when they look like this I can’t help think it’s just a bit silly. Isn’t the idea that they still look natural but just perky, not lopsided and things like that?

Anyways, that’s not the point at all and I’ve now made it sound like I think she’s ugly or something and I actually wanted to write just how hot she is. She’s a honey and her shows are spunky as fuck. I highly recommend checking her out. She goes by Mykinkydope and I linked that so it will take you straight to her channel.

Damn, those BJ lips of hers though.

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