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My Favourite Smurf

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This little blue haired girl is clearly my favourite Smurf even though I don’t know her name. Even though her hair draws attention I am still pretty overwhelmed by those perky tits of hers. They are just the rights size, at least how I like them.

When I was in my very early twenties, perhaps a touch younger than her – and I’m just guessing here – I died my hair blue as well but I’m pretty sure it didn’t draw near as much attention as this girl does, even though it did draw quite a bit. But then again I’m definitely not as hot as her and I didn’t take my clothes of for the world to see either.

It seems she has me beaten on all accounts.

It’s awesome to see that this hotty is not an absolute exception at this site but that there are many more honeys like her. We can all get 52% off Chaturbate with this discount link and interact with them directly. They’re all pretty sweet too.

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