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Live Sex Cams are Free

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At live cam sites these days, such as, you can watch amateurs and sometimes even professional porn stars with their own channels get naughty on cam pretty much for free.

Now allow me to qualify by what I mean with “petty much for free” because marketers have abused terms like these to the extent that that by now actually could very well mean “not free at all”. I’m not an employee or work on commission or some shit here, I’m Joe Public, just like you.

Most of the channels if not all under normal circumstances are completely free and so is the site. There is nothing stopping you from visiting it now. As far as I know private shows are not for free and beyond that you can choose to be a good person or not by tipping performers who try and encourage you by doing so by setting tipping goals which, when reached, they commit to doing all kinds of kinky things.

They’re trying to make some money from this after all and are doing things online that anyone that even knows them can see. It seems like the least you can do is tip, but it’s your choice and that’s the point.

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